Walker County

Board of Elections & Registration


Vote By Mail




Any Walker County voter may request a Vote-by-Mail ballot.  No "reason" is required. 
Step 1 - Apply

Print the application by clicking here.
  • Fill out the application completely. Be sure you fill out all appropriate fields and sign the application.
  • Fax the application to the Elections & Registration Office at (706) 639-3346
  • Or Mail your application to Walker Elections, PO Box 1105, LaFayette, GA 30728-1105
  • Your application will be reviewed and upon approval a ballot will be mailed to your address.

 Step 2 - Vote the Ballot

  • When you have voted the ballot, it may either be delivered in person or mailed to:

Walker Board of Elections Main Office
P.O. Box 1105
LaFayette GA 30728-1105

( In person: 103 S Duke St Rm. 110 )

  • You may hand deliver your own ballot to the Board of Elections Office by 7:00 pm, Election Day
  • Mailed ballots must be at the Post Office by 5:00 pm on Election Day.
  • Family members may hand deliver a ballot for a disabled person until 7PM on Election Night.
  • Unless a voter is disabled, each individual must mail or deliver his or her own ballot. A ballot may not be handled by anyone other than the individual to whom it was issued (not even spouses).





Q) What is Absentee Voting?


A) Absentee voting takes place

when an elector cast a ballot

on any day except the exact

date set aside for the election,

this can be done either in person

during early/advance voting,

or voting a paper ballot by




Q) Who can vote absentee?


A) Anyone eligible to cast a

ballot may choose to vote

absentee, electors are NOT

required to provide a reason

to vote absentee.

Q) When can I vote Absentee?


A) You can request an absentee

ballot up to 180 days prior

to an election, Absentee ballots

are generally mailed and in

-person, early, advance absentee

voting available 21 days

before date of municipal/

special election.



Q) Why should or would I

vote absentee?


A) Many people cast an early

ballot to avoid the anticipated

lines on election day, while

others cast an early ballot just

to get the task done early.

Q) How can I vote absentee?


A) You have the option to

vote absentee by mail, inperson

during early voting

period, or advance voting

which occurs the week immediately

preceding the election.